Sue Ann Rybak is an award-winning journalist and communications professional. She has published articles in various print and internet publications including NewsWorks.org, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Chestnut Hill Local and montgomerynews.com. Currently she is the Associate Editor at The Chestnut Hill Local, an award-winning paper.

Sue Ann is the recipient of nine Keystone Press Awards. In 2018, she was recognized by Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association for her series “Struggling with Addiction.” The series contained four stories highlighting multiple aspects of addiction and the stories of people who had the strength to overcome it.     

Sue Ann loves her job because she learns something new every day and is able to share that information with others. She is passionate about the human condition in her community.

As a multimedia journalist, she believes it is her job to submerge the reader in the story while educating the public about important issues that affect people’s everyday lives. Sue Ann is a “jack-of-all trades.” She is comfortable taking photos, shooting video and writing. She is not afraid to change with technology. Sue Ann understands that today’s citizens want to be active participants in the stories that impact their community.

Sue Ann lives in Philadelphia. She graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts from Community College of Philadelphia and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Temple University.

“Every day, I am humbled by other people’s stories of struggle, pain, joy and sheer determination,” Sue Ann said. “As a journalist, I get to share in their joy, sadness, anger, frustration and fight. It is always a honor to have the privilege of telling their stories.”