Retired nurse still making a difference in people’s lives

STORY_Joan-Mount-croppedWhen most people think of retirement they imagine themselves taking it easy – but not Joan Mount. A typical day for her begins around 7 a.m., and almost, every morning you can find her working out in her health club.

“I run two miles on the treadmill and then lift weights,” said Mount, 77, who worked at Chestnut Hill Hospital as a nursing director for 10 years.

Mount, who lives at Cathedral Village, said she is busier now than when she was working.

She said the typical idea of retirement “doesn’t exist” for her.

“When I retired from Chestnut Hill Hospital, I was 65 years old,” said Mount, a former Chestnut Hill resident. “But I didn’t like being retired, so I went to work for Johnson & Johnson.”

Mount worked as a senior safety associate in the Pharmaceutical Research and Development Department at the Johnson & Johnson Co. for seven years. After leaving Johnson & Johnson, she decided to move to Cathedral Village, where she is currently the president of the residents association.

“I am very happy here,” Mount said. “It has been a wonderful move for me. There is always something to do.”